Saturday, November 20, 2010

Playing Pretend

One of my absolute favorite things to see is my girls playing pretend together. Sometimes they set up these elaborate things--for instance, the other day they set up a "Children's Museum" that took up our entire house. There was a cash register at the entrance, and various rooms for various activities. It totally cracks me up! I love to see the creative juices flow in my children. I love seeing them "just be kids" together.

The other day they set up a covered wagon. The Little House books are their favorite, can you tell?

Here is Meredith, pretending to be Justice Elena Kagan. (We read about her in God's World magazine, and then she immediately went to find her bathrobe so she could be a judge too.)

Here is Kevin, obliging Clara. I forget whether he is her horse or her dog. Probably her dog, since she is not riding him in the picture!

"Someday I will play pretend too. But right now I just like to eat and get into drawers!"
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Brooke said...

I give Kevin huge props for complying to that scheme :) You have a very creative clan there!

~ PragyaN ~ said...

this is so amazing :-)
just curious to know being an Indian... how did you like the Indian food?