Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Owl Snack

What child doesn't love funny-face food? We saw an idea for a new twist on this--creating an owl snack--in our Big Backyard magazine.

It was also really awesome that, after reading about owls in Big Backyard, our library offered a class on owls. At the end of the class, the kids walked to the local nature center to learn more, and then had the opportunity to dissect owl pellets. If you don't know what an owl pellet is, they are really gross. Apparently they were sterilized, but it was still really gross. Meredith and Clara found two different sets of mouse bones, including two skulls, with yellowed teeth attached. They thought it was pretty awesome. I wish I had pictures of it!!!

But, here is our snack:


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Steve Finnell said...

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Melissa said...

i have dissected owl pellets b4 and they r not that gross they r cool but kinda sad for the mice :(


Aaron Tague said...

We love BBY too! My kids are looking over my shoulder and drooling over the owl snacks. Why is food so much more fun to eat when it looks cute?