Saturday, November 13, 2010

House Projects

To be honest, I get really discouraged by how long it takes to accomplish little things. I have been wanting to paint a lot of rooms in my house and it just hasn't happened. I have a book shelf that is orange, that I want to paint white, and it just hasn't happened. Don't even get me started about how far behind I am with photo organization!

But here are a few little things we have done recently.

Kevin's mom helped me make a table runner for our dining room and I LOVE it!

Kevin totally impressed me and figured out how to install a tile backsplash behind our stove. This is such a great focal point for the kitchen now. And very practical too!

And here is our nursery which we finally finished. Yay! I just really hate white walls. It makes me happy to have some color and make things look complete.

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Stephen, Sarah, Nora, Joseph and Isaiah said...

YES! You must be a mother to three young children because I can totally relate to all your recent posts, especially how spending fleeting moments with our kids is easier said than done and how amazing LONG it takes to do the simplest house project. Your recent tasks look great!

Alison said...

Love all the stuff you've done. You're inspiring me to get around to stuff like, oh, unpack the last few boxes. Our master bedroom and sun room/nursery were that same yellow color in our last house. I loved it. As soon as we moved out, my brother (who purchased that house) painted it brown. I guess it was too girly for him.

Brooke said...

I love your tile back splash! Tile always looks so nice and adds loads of style. Great touch!

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