Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Our "Morning Board"

I totally stole this idea from several other moms! But I wanted to post a picture because it's been a big part of our homeschooling this year and the kids LOVE it. Basically it's a science fair-type board that I got at WalMart. I stapled plastic page protectors to it. Every week I switch out the paper inside it, with our new memory work of the week. I've also added some fun stuff, like a monthly calendar where we discuss the day of the week, weather, etc. And a map of the states, with a corresponding workbook (Clara gets one too and loves it!) where the kids learn about a new state every day. Their FAVORITE part is learning about money. They add a penny every day, switching it out for a nickel, dime, etc., when they get enough money. This board only takes about 15 minutes a day and is an awesome way to review all of our memory work. In addition to our Classical Conversations memory, I'm having the kids memorize a poem about the months, and also a good character habit of the week and corresponding bible verse. They look forward to doing our "morning board" every day.
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Heather L. said...

What a GREAT idea!!

Queen of Carrots said...

Page protectors! THAT is what I need. You've just saved me a small fortune in tape and made my records much less gunky. :-)

Catherine said...

Great idea! I like what you're doing with money - I hadn't thought of teaching that yet.