Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Story, by Clara

My parents say that I am a dare devil and that I will surely be their Emergency Room Child. I love to jump and run around and am always on the lookout for adventures and good times. Here is what happened yesterday after one of my adventures, wherein I did a faceplant on the wood floor:

Here is how I look now, after a trip to the dentist, wherein I was a good girl, sat in mom's lap, let the Dr. Man file my tooth, and got a nice Pooh sticker afterward:

Who says you need to have perfect teeth to be gorgeous, huh?

Daddy says that I will still be as pretty as ever even though I will look like a hockey player until my big teeth come in.
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Megan said...

Oh, Clara, Clara. How I love you. I'm sorry you hurt yourself but I think you look so adorable!! Wish I could squeeze you.

Monica said...

Sweet girl. I'm sure it's the first of many bumps and bruises. Looks like she took it like a champ.

Heather L. said...

Poor clara! At least she doesn't look too sad. Andrew did the same thing, and then shortly after got the other tooth. He's still got the chipped teeth as they seem to be taking forever to get loose. Someday they'll be gone....

Terri White said...

Aw, poor thing! Clara, you would get along with my Lanae. She likes to climb on everything, too. Her owie was a broker collarbone, though. No fun for your mommy! :-)

Sarah M. said...

Ouch! I'm really quite surprised this hasn't happened to Lauren yet. In the last 2 weeks she cut her lip 5xs by falling and gashing her lip with her teeth. She cut up her chin once too.

A friend of mine showed me the other day her 13 month old son's mouth. He'd caught his sleeper zipper on a tooth and yanked the tooth out by accident. No tooth until the adult one grows in. Yikes!

Glad Clara is ok.