Monday, April 13, 2009


At a neighborhood egg hunt, the day before Easter. Let’s just say we live in a male dominated neighborhood. Meredith was the only girl, with nine boys, in her age group. The kids had fun with the hunt and playing that egg/spoon relay race and a potato sack race.

This is the first time I tried curlers on Meredith’s hair. She is smiling here because they were fun for ten seconds. But the next morning she said, “Mom, promise me you won’t do that to me again next Easter.”

Oh, and YES, Meredith cut her own hair again!! This time just her bangs. Just in time for Easter. :-P

Our two sweet girls.

Clara really got into the egg hunt this year. She would pick up an egg and look for another one saying, “Mo’ egg!”



Heather L. said...

Enjoyed seeing pictures of all the Easter happenings! I'm sure your neighbors just LOVED your hot cross buns -- they look terrific!!! And so do the boxes you put them in!!!

Megan said...

Love, love, love.

Personally, I think Mer's hair looks cute curled. But, I remember telling my mom at about 4 to never put my hair in pigtails again. :)

Love the bow in Clara's hair. Love it.

Emily said...

I thought Meredith's hair was adorable too! And the cousins picture is hilarious. My child is quite the weirdo! Hope you all remain pink-eye-free!! :-)