Friday, April 17, 2009

Discovering Symphony

This week we took Meredith to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra downtown to participate in a Discovery Concert for students. Five composers were featured and there was a talk for children between each piece. We brought along a book about the various instruments and how an orchestra works. We ended up getting our own box seat (maybe because we were the smallest “group” there—just three of us, as our own “homeschool” group). The Discovery Concert is something Kevin did as a child and enjoyed. Meredith loved it. She loved the music and she loved having mom and dad all to herself.

Afterward we walked to The Market—gyros for the old folks, and a hamburger and orange soda pop for Meredith.

The last stop was to daddy’s office. Meredith loved sitting in Kevin's chair and doing sign language with one of the secretaries.

All in all ... a fun, memorable, and educational day!


Anonymous said...

WOW Daddy's desk is messy. M, tell him to clean it up! Aunt B.

Megan said...

Kevin's desk looks like the attorneys in my office ... must be a lawyer thing ...

But I do love the Chinese pics ... wonder who bought him those things???