Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pretzels and Tulips

I’m supposed to be working right now, writing a piece about the Fairness Doctrine. But I’m tired of thinking about it. Maybe a blogging break will help clear my mind?

Meredith had been BEGGING me for nearly a week to make pretzels. She saw it on one of her sing-along videos. There is a song called I’m a Pretzel where kids are contorting their bodies and then it shows some workers making those mall pretzels. When Meredith saw this, she declared, “We need to make pretzels because they are hearts for Valentine’s Day.” Finally yesterday we did it and she had a good time.

Let me just say that this recipe for Mall Pretzels is amazing! I had never made them before. They were SO good. Way better than mall pretzels. It was a last-minute thing so I didn’t have the coarse salt, which would have been fun. We did half with salt and the other half with cinnamon sugar. They were the perfect blend of chewy/crusty and gooey on the inside. We loved this recipe. Plus, Meredith had a lot of fun making something she saw in her video.

And … tulips.

I have a friend who recently posted about how receiving candy and flowers on Valentine’s isn’t as special because it’s expected. Well, maybe Kevin is lucky that his wife has such a bad memory (I am not kidding about this) because I always forget every year that he gets me flowers on Valentine’s Day until they arrive at the door. Then I’m surprised and delighted.

I really, really enjoyed having these tulips. They were a much-needed reminder that spring is around the corner. They brought freshness and beauty to my house. I don’t know what outrageous price Kevin paid for Valentine’s flowers but, at least this year, they were worth it and very timely.


Heather L. said...

Oh yum! Homemade pretzels are the best! Em used to be the official pretzel maker and we haven't had them in years. I think I'll have to see if we can remedy that sometime soon...

Monica said...

Wow those pretzels look delicious. I'm going to check that recipe out. Mall pretzels are one of Sean's favorite treats. Maybe I'll surprise him sometime.

Missi said...

Jade and I made your mall pretzels yesterday and you were right, they are SO good! And so yummy! Thanks for sharing your recipe so we could try these yummy treats