Monday, February 25, 2008

Even the moon sent good wishes ...

I’m 29 now. I’m not really nostalgic about my last year in this decade. I’m kind of looking forward to my thirties, actually. My twenties were, in many ways, a continual struggle. I read a book once called Quarter Life Crisis, which made a really good point about how the twenties are often the hardest years. There have been many things said and written about mid-life crisis, but it’s the twenties where people are trying to find their place in the world and figure everything out from career, finances, finding a mate, etc. Not much has been said and written about this quarter-life crisis.

I know one thing, in my thirties I’m not planning to move across the country three times, be intentionally unemployed with no idea what the next job will be, be uncertain about my man, and one thing I know for a fact … Kevin is NOT going back to school!

Speaking of Kevin, he decorated the house with streamers for my birthday after I had gone to bed the night before. Sweet! I woke up to a festive house and a little pile of presents. Then he took me to dinner and shopping. That, plus the fact that I got a free Starbucks coffee card at my MOPS meeting (they give out random prizes at every meeting and last week I got one!), totally made my day!

And, to top it all off, even the moon decided to eclipse, give us all a show, and make my birthday special. Wasn’t that so nice?


Heather L. said...

It's helpful to be reminded that for many people their 20's are pretty hard. I guess that gives me hope for my 30's. :) But, I am very thankful that this decade is off to a very good start for me -- better than I could have hoped. So, maybe the thirties will be better... :) I hope you have a great 29th year -- you have some good things to look forward too! (Like Kevin graduating, etc.!)

the Joneses said...

Happy birthday! Hope your last year of the 20s is full of fun and growth. And lots and lots of blog posts. :)

-- SJ

Sarah Mehrens said...

Happy belated birthday. I meant to get online and wish you one ON your day, but somehow missed it. Hope it was a great one. Enjoy 29!

PS I told CA "hi" for you. :)

Catherine said...

I have been thinking a lot about the whole quarter-life crisis thing. I think 30 sounds a lot better than 29, because I think of the 30s as being a decade when things are a little more settled, and somehow I think when I turn 30 I'll have everything together somehow. We'll see. :)