Monday, February 25, 2008

Library Day

Every week or two, we do a major library run. We usually come away with at least 50 books, most of them children’s books, and some videos. Right now I have about 80 books checked out from the library, which is typical. I love it. My library card makes me feel so rich, like the whole world is at my disposal.

Today I spent about an hour playing on the library’s children’s computer with Meredith. I was trying to teach her how to use the mouse. She got the clicking part, and that you’re supposed to click on certain icons, but wasn’t very good at coordinating the moving and clicking together. So, basically, I moved her hand and she clicked. There were some really great educational games for toddlers on the kids’ computers. We had fun with it. I’m glad to see that Meredith enjoys the library as much as her mom!


Micah said...

We love the library too, and our experience so far has been that IN has very, very nice children's sections in general. My preference is to leave most of the books at the library and choose only a couple of really special books to bring home. So my question is how in the world do you carry 50-80 books to and from the car?

Kevin & Amy said...

Yeah, actually I always think to myself how crazy it is to load all those books into my double stroller--but thankfully the storage area is huge!

Most of the books we get are classics, or the author is really good. I use a lot of book lists to get ideas and probably 80% of the books we take home are things I've requested online.

Micah said...

I hope my comment didn't come across the wrong way. I was definitely not judging you for taking out so many books, and I can look back at it now and see that it could be taken that way. I'm so sorry!

I would actually prefer to enjoy the books from the comfort of my home, but my preference from a laziness perspective is to leave most of them at the library :). I'm trying to picture myself with one little girl in my arms, the other holding my hand, while I try to lug 80 books out to my car without a cart. LOL!

Andrew said...

I don't think I've often checked out more than a dozen at a time, but I now have over 60 books checked out - 97% of which I placed on hold. Much to someone's aggravation, most of them tend to sit on the shelf and clutter up my side of the bed, but like you it makes me feel good. And I really do intend to read them! (Plus, I have 200 more books on my "lists" at the Library that I'd like to check out sometime! Literally, that's no exaggeration; I'm limited to 100 per list, and they're both full right now!)