Friday, September 03, 2004

Shopping Amusements

Last night we went to WalMart and I piled the cart high with items we need for our house. I left the cart in an arbitrary aisle while Kevin and I wandered around to look at more stuff. Pretty soon, after retrieving our cart, we were on our way to another department. After several minutes, Kevin looks down in the cart and sees a large red pillow. “Amy, what’s this?!” (He probably was mad to think I was buying something frivolous with our money.) I didn’t recognize the pillow at all. In fact, I didn’t recognize any of the items in the cart. We both started howling when we realized we had stolen someone else’s cart and walked away with it. We had no idea where the cart came from so we just stuck it in a random aisle and went off to retrieve our own cart.

We also went grocery shopping last night. I love it when Kevin goes grocery shopping with me because it gets done in half the time. Usually I run around trying to find all the “normal” food items and then I ask him to find all the unusual items for the crazy new recipes I’m experimenting with. This time around, I happened to need “liquid smoke.” It took us a while, but we finally found it. Last time we went grocery shopping together, there was a “Regional Bagger Contest” going on at the store. No kidding! There were hundreds of people, from as far away as Fresno, packed into stands set-up in the grocery store. They were all screaming and rooting for their “favorite bagger.” Baggers were judged based on quickness, neatness, and overall skill. In between bagger races, the managers of the stores had to compete, doing things like seeing how many gummy worms they could eat in one minute, etc. It was all very entertaining.

Hey - have a happy three-day weekend! As you’re off doing whatever fun thing you’re going to do, think fondly of us . . . as we’re perspiring and slaving away at the house. ;-)

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