Saturday, November 05, 2011

Connecting with Picture Books

There have been a few sweet books (and one funny book) that has helped me to connect with my kids in the past few months. Books are fun. Books are informative. But one of the best things about reading books to kids is that it provides opportunities to connect with them.

After reading You’re All My Favorites (McBratney) to Clara, I think it really helped her understand the truth of a parent loving all their children the same, even though they are all different. She really loved this book and has commented on it numerous times.

Harriet You’ll Drive Me Wild (Fox) made us all smile. Harriet is just one of those kids who makes lots of messes and gets into trouble. Harriet’s mom is one of those moms who is having a hard time dealing with it. This is a sweet story of a mom and daughter who love each other despite their flaws.

How to Clean Your Room in 10 Easy Steps (Huget) is simply the funniest book ever. It totally describes our life! Although it is absolutely hysterical and very true to life, there are a few parts where the young girl is not very respectful. Just a caveat! But we really do love this book.

You are Special (Lucado) is a very touching book that really highlights the truth of self-acceptance. This book helped the kids understand that we are made in God’s image and we should not compare ourselves with other people. God loves us just as we are.

Nothing to Do (Wood) is a wonderful book about making sure to have unstructured time in our lives. The illustrations are great and I think the topic is something that is important because we adults have a tendency to fill up all the hours and not stop to smell the roses. But this is so important. Life goes by too fast. We need to stop and take time to “do nothing.”

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Megan said...

Thank you for posting this. I always get great ideas for my kids from you. Wish we were close enough for a 'playdate'!