Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week six (or so) of pounding the pavement ...

Over the weekend I was able to run on the trail, which is infinitely more enjoyable than running past mailboxes.  Although, sometimes I do tell myself, "You can do it!  You can make it to that third mailbox!" and this is helpful.  

After my run, I sat to look at the naked trees and the dying mums on my back patio.  The gray clouds in the sky blew above me at a hurried pace.  It is definitely November.  I used to think that naked trees were really ugly, but now I think that they have their own stark beauty.  

Starting this running project in the fall has worked out well.  I enjoy running in the cooler weather. I have gone out in the rain a few times and if it is below 45 degrees I bring a scarf along so I can breathe in warmer air.  But at the end of my run, my body is warm and my head has been cleared and I enjoy the wind, and sometimes even the raindrops, on my face.  The world is usually still and peaceful.  This is likely the only time I will have to enjoy the quiet for the rest of the day.  

I haven't decided if it is better to be alone on the trail or to have happy distractions with other passersby.  I do love to people watch.  

Running can be uncomfortable and tiresome while I am doing it.  But after it is done, I feel on top of the world.  It is a tremendous stress reliever.  I feel so good the rest of the day.  I really appreciate the friends who have encouraged me to give it a try.  

I am now on week six of the Couch to 5K plan.  I ran 2 miles in 20 minutes without stopping last week and later this week I will take it up to 2.25 miles in 22 minutes.  Only three more weeks to go until I am done.  Woot!

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