Saturday, November 19, 2011


A dear friend recently told me that she put her kids in private school and felt like it was a more "rich" educational environment for her kids than homeschooling. This may be true for some people but I have never felt that our homeschooling has lacked richness. This is partly due to extracurricular activities and library classes and also due to our wonderful homeschool group, Classical Conversations (CC) of Brownsburg, Indiana. I also love the curriculum we are using (more on this later).

Last week I overheard Meredith talking with a friend. She didn't know I was listening but I overheard her tell this friend that she "really liked homeschooling." Some days she will probably like it more than others. And that goes for me too! But one thing is for sure--she loves learning. She is inquisitive and curious and creative. I am very encouraged.

Here are the older kids last Thursday before our end-of-the-year CC meeting / Thanksgiving party:

The pilgrim outfit was made by my mom for my little sister when she was younger. I cut up a t-shirt I got at Michaels and hot-glued beads to make this Indian outfit for Clara. The belt and headdress fasten together with velcro.

Here is Clara's class. She has the best tutor for this age group. Chris is very musical and uses puppets to teach English and Latin memory. The kids love her.

Here Meredith is completing her final project for her human anatomy studies. She has two really great tutors as well, who are both good friends of mine. Meredith has really learned to love both geography and science this semester. She also loves music and playing her little tin whistle.

Here are two girls in Meredith's class:

My friend Rachelle made this awesome turkey.

Serving up the feast:

This is right before I decided it would probably be okay to leave Sophia to help serve the food. The next time I saw her she had abandoned her food and had found a lollipop. She was quite happy about it too.

Here is Clara with her best friend, Eden Rose.


Heather L. said...

What fun! The girls look great in their costumes!!! I like the anatomy project!! Might have to steal that idea......And I do love Rachelle's turkey too!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job. I am
proud of your family....G Ma S