Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soccer Girl

These were taken a few weeks ago at Meredith's first soccer game. So far she really enjoys it. And I enjoy it too!! I smile and laugh the entire game. It's so hysterical watching all these little kids play soccer!!



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Anonymous said...

I'm a relative of Micah Pettes and I was reading your blog today and was loving that it looks like your girl is playing in the middle of a cornfield! It actually made me really happy because I'm a southern girl.

the Joneses said...

She looks just like Kevin! Only he wouldn't look as good with a ponytail.

-- SJ

Anonymous said...

Oh I miss this age in soccer! This will be our first fall in about 16 years not "sitting at a field" (although it looks like you are sitting right in the middle of one). Email Meredith's schedule to me and location and we will try to make a game.
Aunt B

Amy K said...

We crack up too that it looks like she's playing in the middle of a cornfield! Such a Hoosier.

Brooke said...

Hey, if she actually played I give you props. My kids always picked grass or did flips across the field. Yay, Meredith!

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