Thursday, August 05, 2010

Eight Years

I guess we're officially over the "Seven Year Itch" now, huh? I still can't believe that Kevin walked into my life one day and fell in love with me. He is the most perfect match for me that I can imagine. If my girls marry men who are half as loving and giving as their father, they will do well.

We had a nice night out, participated in Devour Downtown and ate at a Brazilian steak house. Then we took a carriage ride and walked around the canal downtown.








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Heather L. said...

YAY!! It sounds like a great night out!!!

Have fun with the corn!

Carrie said...


I can't believe it's been eight years....

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you! We went to Devour Downtown last night for our anniversary as well! We dined at St. Elmos. Hope you had a great evening.

Aunt B

S. Mehrens said...

Happy 8th anniversary (a little late). I was just remembering the other day that hot hot hot day in August when you guys got married. Congratulations, only 2 more years and both of us will be at 10, can you believe it?

Btw, Fogo is the best! We love it. Sounds like a very romantic and relaxing evening together.