Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's To-Do List

I'm tired of making to-do lists and not being able to accomplish anything. So I just wrote out a St. Patrick's Day to-do list and I plan to ignore my other to-do lists and accomplish EVERYTHING tomorrow.

St. Patty's To-Do

1. Wear green

2. Put corned beef in slow cooker

3. Take kids to library class

4. Go to McDonald's drive-thru and get lunch and Shamrock Shakes

5. Go to St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown, meet up with Kevin and eat lunch while watching parade

6. Take kids to see the green water at the canal downtown

7. Play "hide-the-Shamrock" with the kids

8. Eat a simple Irish dinner with the family


9. Oh yes, and go to book club. I actually signed up last fall to lead the discussion for this time around. We will be discussing The Picture of Dorian Gray and I still have 40 pages to read tonight. Life is always exciting.


Anonymous said...

Amy--I am worn out just reading your "to do." G Ma S

Catherine said...

I had completely forgotten about the green water until you mentioned it - I haven't seen it since I worked downtown. Sounds like a great to do list. I'm sorry I have to miss book club this time!