Thursday, March 04, 2010

Reading is a Dangerous Activity

And I had just finished telling you all about the spit wads, too!

We have a DK book called Children Just Like Me, which features children all around the world and what their daily lives are like. I have been reading it to the girls to help expand their understanding of the world and what life is like for children in other countries.

A few days ago we read about Celina, an Indian who lives in a village near the Amazon in Brazil. Meredith was particularly interested in the paint that Celina puts on her body, an ancient tradition in her tribe.


After reading about Celina, I went to put the baby to bed. Sophia had hiccups so I held her for a while before putting her down. Then I went to change out the laundry. Then I came downstairs and saw Meredith and Clara holding hands, so sweetly. I told Meredith how proud I was of them for playing so nicely while I was busy. That’s when I saw that they were headed for the bathroom. Meredith smiled (again, so sweetly) and closed the door. That’s when I realized something was up.

THIS is what I found. I laughed so hard. I didn’t have the heart to be angry. They were just playing Brazilian Indians.




On a side note, Sophia is six weeks old today. Here's are darling baby.

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Queen of Carrots said...

LOL! That page made me nervous too, but right now that book is lost anyway . . .

You think that's bad, though, I once read of a mother who had read a history lesson about the Picts to her early-elementary age children and that afternoon looked out the back door to see they had stripped completely and painted themselves blue.