Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Kids with Free Time

Just in case you were wondering, here is what my preschoolers do during those hours when their mom is tied up with a baby:

1) They make spit wads. Truly! I had read them Miss Nelson is Missing, which came with our Sonlight curriculum this year. On the first page, the book describes the school children acting up and making spit wads. Meredith asked what that was and so I told her. (I am very honest with my children. Maybe this isn’t always the best plan of action.) Yesterday I heard giggles coming from the front room and this is what I found.

2) They spend about an hour a day drawing pictures. Meredith probably spends two hours a day drawing pictures. Meredith is getting really good. (Yes, I am such a biased mom.) Someday soon I’ll post some of her art work. But Clara has really turned a corner recently and is drawing things that actually look something remotely like the object she intends them to look like. Here is one example of a Clara drawing.

3) They play with dolls a lot, and dress up.

4) Meredith does very, very random things. I cannot tell you all the random things I find around the house. She loves to tie stuff. Anything that can be tied, will be tied. She also really loves arts and crafts. And since her mom is really lame (er, I mean tired and busy) and doesn’t do as much with her as she would like, Meredith has to be really creative. Maybe this will work out for her, actually. Because I don’t help her a lot, she is probably going to be this super, ultra-amazing, incredibly gifted arts and crafts person. And she will owe it all to me. Here she is, making a “scarf,” she said.

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Monica said...

The spitwads are hilarious. Who ever would have thought those innocent looking Koons girls could be up to such things:)?

My kids love cutting things and tape. The other day John brought me about 20 pennies he had taped together into the shape of a gun. I often get rolls of tape from my mother-in-law for a gift because I can NEVER find any.

Rachelle said...

Independent play develops creative problem-solving kids. That's what I tell myself anyway.

Di said...

Loving the half and half floor in the 'scarf' picture of Meredith! We have exactly the same thing in our front room as we don't have a hallway as our front door opens directly onto the lounge. I've not seen it anywhere else, so I am grateful to my husband for going with a weird flooring idea and now grateful to you for showing us that its not weird at all!