Friday, March 12, 2010

Fairy Tea and Stuff

Today we went to a Fairy and Leprechaun Tea Party to welcome spring. There were about 100 fairies and exactly three leprechauns (all little brothers, I'm sure). A ballet instructor came to teach the girls (and three boys) a dance. Then they welcomed the Queen Fairy. All the kids had to sit with their hands in their laps until the queen had her first bite/sip, to show good manners. Then at the end, they gave the queen a flower and a curtsy (and the three boys had to bow). It was really cute and we all had fun. I got a real big kick out of it.

Look how cute this leprechaun is. You can tell he's thrilled to be there!

During the dance. They were taught how to do a basic ballet dance. Then they got to "perform" for the Queen Fairy.

THEN we went grocery shopping. Did you know that grocery shopping with three kids is where the REAL fun begins?

We ran into a friend at the store and she said, "You need to get the free Frappe samples at McDonald's today." So we did. They were good, but Starbucks has nothing to worry about.

We thought this was funny because Sophia is holding her hands the same way as the doll.

Rub a dub dub, three girls in a tub. We're going to do this more often because it was the first time Sophie's had a bath without screaming her head off.

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S. Mehrens said...

Great pictures! I love seeing how you all are doing and what you've been up to. Funny story. So I'm assuming you were making sure the girls were covered up in the bath tub for modesty of posting. But for real - years ago one of my parents took a picture of my siblings and I when we were all about M, C and S's same ages. Without being prompted that's exactly what I did. This picture made me laugh because I did wonder if it was prompted or the girls own idea.

Heather L. said...

The tea party looks like so much fun!!!! And the pictures of Sophia are so cute -- especially the one with the baby doll too.

Amy K said...

Sarah--Funny story! Meredith covered her own self (she made sure I didn't take the pic until she had the washcloth in place). Clara is a copycat. Sophie was covered to stay warm, of course. :)

Rachelle said...

You are so brave...Grocery shopping with all three and letting the baby in the bathtub with the older two. Wow!