Friday, February 06, 2009

Hate to see it go ...

It’s supposed to be 50 degrees over the weekend. The snow will all melt. The warmer weather will be a nice break but I will be sad to see the snow go.

Meredith has been playing heartily in the snow every day. Each afternoon I’ve been bundling her in all her snow gear. The first thing she does is take a leap (belly flop) off the porch step onto the snow covered ground, allowing her body to sink into it.

Then she plows out to the backyard to stomp around, make snow angels, eat snow, throw snow in the air, roll around, kick snow, pile snow, and generally explore the snowy territory.

Seriously!! She’s out there for like an hour each time. I often will shout out to her, “Do you want to come in?” She shakes her head and marches off to do some other fun snowy thing.

It totally cracks me up. I love seeing her enjoying herself to her heart’s content. I am amazed that the cold doesn’t bother her more. She hates being cold whenever we get into the car to go someplace. She always complains about it. But I guess she’s so distracted by the fun involved with snow-play that she doesn’t mind the chill. Yesterday she took the sled out and tried to go sledding down a very small pile of snow that had drifted next to our driveway.

I could watch her play in the snow for hours and hours and not get tired of it. We will miss you snow!!

And these snowflakes, shown taped to our fridge, were constructed by none other than Kevin and Amy last Friday night. Kevin said, “You know we’re an old married couple if this is what we do for fun on a Friday night.” Pretty sad.
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Heather L. said...

I think that's totally cool to make snowflakes together!!! They're pretty impressive ones too!

Yeah, I think I'll miss the snow, but stepping outside in the already warm weather today was REALLY nice!

Megan said...

But, they are pretty cool snowflakes. You can be proud of your work.