Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another round of kid quotes ...

First, I will start this post with a quote from Clara. Her quote-debut on my blog!

We pulled up to some hamburger joint’s drive-thru the other day and she pointed to the window and said, “Freh Fry!” (French fry.) At only 18 months, she is an all-American kid!

And here are some Meredith quotes of late:

A: “Okay, it’s quiet time. You don’t have to sleep but you do have to lay still and close your eyes.”
M: “But that IS sleeping.”

We have a CD set of Mozart music. Meredith saw a man on the cover (Mozart) wearing a white wig. She said to her dad, “Look, it’s George Washington music!”

She was standing on the window ledge the other day, to get a better view.
K: “Meredith, get off the window.”
M: “Why?”
A: “Usually there are two reasons—you’ll break it or you’ll get hurt.”
M: “Actually, there are three reasons. Another reason is ‘because daddy said.’”

M (eating lunch): “Why aren’t we eating at McDonald’s today?”
A: “McDonald’s is a treat. It’s not as healthy for you. And it costs extra money to go there. Everyone has a certain amount of money and you have to be careful about how you spend the money God gives you.”
M (five minutes later, holding up a crayon drawing): “Mom, can I sell this picture to grandma?”
A: “Why don’t you just give it to her?”
M: “Because I need money for McDonald’s.”

She was wailing the other day—obviously she had hurt herself.
A: “What happened?”
M: “I bonked my finger and my head. I kissed my finger (to make it better) but I tried and tried and I just couldn’t reach my head!!”

The other day a friend came and worked on her laptop from my house while her daughter played with my girls.
M: “When I grow up I will bring my work to your house like Mrs. S.”
A: “And I will watch your babies. Are you going to have babies some day?”
M: “Yes. I’m going to have a girl baby like you.”
A: “That would be nice.”
M: “Maybe tonight at Family Worship we can pray about my baby when I get big. And we can ask God that it will be a girl.”

A: “Mer, I think you’re hungry and tired.”
M: “Nooooooo.”
A: “What are you then?”
M: “I’m thirsty and tired!”

She was curious to know what her new friend Alex’s daddy looked like, because she had never seen him.
A (explaining): “He has brown hair like your daddy but he is shorter than your daddy. And he’s thin, not fat.”
M (gasping loudly): “Is daddy FAT?”

M: “Mom, are we all going to heaven?”
A: “Yes, if we trust in Jesus and love Him.”
M: “Let’s pray about that now. ‘Jesus, I want to go to heaven. And we love you and trust you and please take us to heaven soon. Amen.’”

Meredith is so inquisitive these days. Yesterday she wanted to know why snow plow trucks don't have "snow blowers" on them like daddy uses. I needed to ask Kevin, her grandpa, and her uncle for help on answering that one!


Bryan and Megan said...

I laughed out loud at Meredith's quotes! I love the baby girl one and trying to sell her picture for McDonald's money! Too cute.

Katie Johnson said...

Oh, those quotes are so cute!! They really gave me a chuckle. Meredith comes up with the funniest things! :)

I would love to see more pictures of the inside of your house, whenever you get a chance! It looks beautiful! Congratulations!

Heather L. said...

I'm so glad you remember these to write them down because we all love them!!!!!

What a sweet prayer at the end -- what a comfort to know that Meredith is understanding and picking up on what you are teaching her!

N&A said...

LOL! Loved these! You have a smart, precious little girl! I bet she keeps you in stitches all day long!

Pragyan Mohanty said...

I have been a great fan of Mer till now, but it seems Clara will be my fav soon too..!! Your kids are just amazing..!! I have read almost all your postings in this blog n it feels as if I have known you people since a long time.

keep posting more..... :-)