Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bits of Life

We now live in Friendly-ville, also known as the Playdate Capital of the World. If you’re a stay at home mom and never want to be bored, you need to move to Zionsville, Indiana. Seriously, we have the nicest, most amazing neighbors known to mankind. We are quickly developing a sense of belonging and of community.

Here is one of our new neighbors, Lauren, who is exactly Meredith’s age. They have had fun playing together three or four times and this morning they built a snowman in between our two houses. Isn’t she cute?


Speaking of snow, apparently we just had the sixth largest snow fall on record for Indianapolis—12 inches overnight. Right now Meredith is playing in it and I’m watching her from the office window. Here she is, probably trying to make a snow angel.


I found out that a free puppet show was taking place at a nearby nature center and took the girls yesterday. Oh. My. Word. It was the hugest hit! Even Clara paid attention and laughed at several funny parts. I was really impressed when two puppets broke out into a snow ball fight (throwing fake cotton snow). The funniest part for the kids was when a duck couldn’t catch a fish for his dinner. Every time he missed the fish, the kids laughed and laughed. I need to pay better attention to when this kind of stuff happens and tap into more of these free resources for kids.

Last night I made a carrot cake for Granny’s birthday today. Clara thought she’d died and gone to heaven after she climbed on a chair and found the beater with cake batter on it, sitting in the sink.


And here is Meredith who asks at least three times a day: “Mommy, please can I have hot cocoa to sit by the fire and cuddle?” How can I refuse? (She's my Quality-Time gal.) I usually give in every day or two. We are enjoying having a fireplace after not having one for two and a half years.


I need to make this more often. I made it a few days ago and both Kevin and I agree it’s our favorite brunch. Croque Madame smothered with béchamel sauce. Mmmm. Mmmm.


Bryan and Megan said...

So great that you're finding good neighbors! They are hard to come by. Meredith is so cute wanting to cuddle by the fireplace! I love it.

mrsschrage said...

Awww! I really really miss my neices!


It sounds super gadgety, but you should to call the WS Indianapolis to see if they have any hot chocolate pots left. They were marked down to $4.99 in Asheville and make WONDERFUL hot chocolate. The girls would get a kick out of it.