Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What To-Do

I’m still trying to decide if to-do lists help to relieve stress or if they cause more stress. Maybe it’s both. They help to relieve stress by enabling me to accomplish more and get things off my mind and onto paper. But they also add stress by constantly reminding me how much there is to do.

Yesterday I lost my “master” to-do list. It was a massive list, spilling over onto two pages. At first I was disappointed to lose it. Then I was happy about it because it was nice to not have anything to do but fool around and play with the kids.

Then a storm rolled in and the power went out (again!) and I really had nothing to do.

But this only lasted a short time before I started remembering items on my to-do list and crafting another one. I’m trying to be less achievement-oriented these days (which is my nature), but I still find that I cling to my to-do list.

And then sometimes I have this little war with my list. Who will win today? If the list wins, I will have added more than I will have taken off. If I win, then my list gets shorter. On most days, it seems that the list wins.

Today I crossed off three semi-major things—cleaning out my basement, organizing the girls’ clothes, and planting some pumpkin and squash for the fall. Kevin’s mom gave us some seeds she had left over. Meredith helped me and we had great fun. I’ve never planted a garden before. In fact, this is only the third year I’ve dared to plant flowers. So, hopefully the vegetables will start sprouting. I’m not even sure when that’s supposed to happen. One week? Two weeks? I’ll just keep my fingers crossed!

Anyway, I’d better get back to the list. Who knows, maybe I will win the war today.


CABeachBlonde said...

They cause more... :) That is, if you put EVERYTHING on one list and you have, like, 78 things staring you in the face every time you look at it. :p That is why I began making small lists of the most important things to be done, like, in the next couple of days. NOT so overwhelming. You just think, "Wow, this is manageable... Yae and fhew!!"

I'm still trying to imagine what life would be like not HAVING to have anything to do...just what you felt like doing... Ah, the bliss... :)

Samantha said...

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