Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Much-Needed Compliment

Kevin is currently in the thick of bar studies, and plans to sit for the Indiana bar exam in about five weeks.

Watching him try to congeal so many subjects at once brings back memories of when we both studied for the California bar exam together. I remember agonizing over making outlines to help me conquer all that massive amount of information. At the end of the bar study time, I felt like everything had really come together thanks to my meticulous outlines.

After I passed the bar, I couldn’t bear throwing those outlines away. They represented too much work and sheer agony.

So, I kept them. Five years later, I still knew exactly where they were when Kevin asked if he could skim them.

And, apparently, one outline was particularly helpful to him the other day in organizing the subject matter. I couldn’t believe it. These days, I feel like Mommy Brain has completely taken over. As much as I try to use my brain by reading good books, I feel like my mind is dull and tired most days, at least compared to where it used to be with all that scholastic exercise.

Kevin told me my Wills and Probate outline was a lifesaver. That was the absolute nicest and most wonderful compliment this Mommy, full of thick brain fog, could have possibly received this past week. I really needed that in my life. Yes, somewhere buried deep down, I do have a brain and it has been known to work from time to time.


Heather L. said...

I can just imagine how that made you feel! I'm so glad you knew just where to find them and had kept them!

You guys are almost to the end of this journey!!! I'm sure you just can't wait. Keep hanging in there -- your love and support of Kevin through this is a wonderful example.

Monica said...

I completely understand what you are saying here. I find myself reading medical journals and my textbooks from college now and again to keep that knowledge alive.

I'm so glad that you held on to all of that hard work. What a blessing you are to Kevin in so many ways.

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Kelly said...

I love it that Pete still believes that I'm the smartest person he knows, even though I had to drop out of college b/c of my health. It makes me feel like I can still do anything!