Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Girl

Well, I have a few book reviews I have been wanting to write for my blog. But, for lack of time, here's something easy to post ... and at least WE think it's fun. Maybe the grandmas will like it too.

Meredith Quotes

In the car on the way home from running a bunch of errands, Meredith said, “I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m thirsty, and I want chocolate.” That’s how I feel a lot of days too.


I started to put Meredith’s favorite PJs in the laundry. She said, “Don’t put it in the laundry because I want to wear it again SOON.” I guess she’s figured that if it goes in the laundry bin she never knows when she’ll see it again.


Amy: “You are a special girl.”

Mer: “Yes, I am special. But actually I am a woman.”


Amy: “What are your favorite flowers, Meredith?”

Mer: “Tulips and dandy lions.”


At the drive-thru:

Mer: “Can I have pink lemonade?”

Amy: “No, I’m not buying drinks today.”

Mer: “But they HAVE pink lemonade!”

Amy: “Really.”

Mer: “I will ask that lady [in the window], ‘Do you have pink lemonade?’ And she will say YES.”


Meredith was excited to get a dollar bill recently.

Mer: “What is the opposite of rich?”

Amy: “Poor. Are you rich or poor?”

Mer: “I’m poor because I only have a little money.”


Mer: “Let’s pick up the tempo!”

Amy: “What does ‘tempo’ mean?”

Mer: “Fast and slow, fast and slow. I learned that from my video.”


Amy: “Do you know what buried means?”

Mer: “Covered up.”

Amy: “Good. I didn’t know you knew that.”

Mer: “Yes, I’m smart!”

(Now, we need to work on humility.)


During communion recently we noticed that Meredith didn’t reach for the crackers, like she normally does. Kevin asked her if she remembered what they were for. She said, “Jesus’ body was broken for your sins.”


Recently I picked up a dress-up dress Meredith had thrown on the ground and put it back in the bin where it belonged. She ran, flailing her arms, “No, don’t throw that there! My babies can’t breathe!” Then I removed the dress and saw that she had her baby dolls lined up all in a neat row.


Amy, while slicing a pear: “Mer eats a pear. That rhymes.”

Mer: “Mer eats a pear at the fair with a bear. That rhymes too!”


Mer: “Daddy, tell me a story about when you were a little boy.”

Kevin: “Why don’t you tell a story?”

Mer: “No, because I’m not a good Tellerstory.”


After I found a long-sleeved princess dress-up dress at a garage sale, Meredith said: “I am so happy. Now I can be a princess in the winter. I will be so warm and cozy.”


Kevin: “What do you want for your birthday, Meredith?”

Mer: “A tractor.”

Kevin: “What else do you want?”

Mer: “A boy to drive my tractor.”

(Every girl’s dream, right?)


A recent prayer at lunch time: “Dear Father, thank you for this food and for this wonderful day. And thank you for the beautiful flowers and thank you for everybody. Please help our bodies to be healthy. We love you! Amen!”


Heather L. said...

What GREAT quotes! I love them! I need to keep better track of my kids' because I just end up forgetting them. :(

(Okay, that sounds like I forget my kids (rather than I forget what my kids say). I guess both is true since I lost one at the Children's Museum yesterday. He was found. )

"Nick" said...

She sounds smarter and has a greater command of English than many teenagers I know...:D

Megan said...

Can I just say ... I LOVE this little girl. Seriously and truly. Love her, love her, love her.

I can't wait for Clara to really start communicating with words so we can know what adorable things she has to say too! I love your little girls. Just love them!

Carrie said...

Posts like these make me so eager for Joshua to start putting his words together! Right now we get "truck" *pause* "wheelwheel" (doubled for emphasis) "BIG"

It's going to be so fun!

In the meantime, I totally enjoyed the new Meredithisms. Esp. her declared need for chocolate. What a great WOMAN you have there!

Dan & Angel said...

LOVE the tractor quote. I laughed out loud. :) What a couple of cuties you have on your hands there.

Missi said...

I thought that quote about her rhyme was SO funny! and the tractor quote was pretty cute too;) Actually, they all were great! lol!

Sarah Mehrens said...

She's a sharp cookie... just like her parents. :) Can she really only be 3 this summer!? Thanks for sharing these. :)

Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

Sounds like she is becoming a midwesterner if she is asking for a tractor (and a boy to ride it). Not very California.... :)

I wish I could observe a conversation between Ben and Meredith. I'm guessing that would be very entertaining.

Bryan & Megan said...

I LOVE the Meredithisms! You don't have to be a Grandma to enjoy those :)

Shannon Koons said...

Oh My Word! How funny! Thanks for sharing all the growing-up this aunt is missing!

Monica said...

Sean and I very much enjoyed laughing along with you on these. What a cutie!!

Jen S said...

I LOVE those!! She is hilarious!! Do you call her Mer? We call our Meredith "Mer" and Mer-Mer. :)