Monday, April 23, 2007


This weekend we tried to spend as much time outside as possible because it’s been simply gorgeous here—warm with cool breezes.

Here are a few glimpses of our weekend …

Before we got to fly the kite, the guys had to figure out how to put it together.
It was purchased in China with no directions.

Meredith thought she was such a big help! She kept yelling things like,
“Me do it! Here. Help you! Hey, Uncle Colin! Oh!”

Finally, Soaring! Success!


Me and My Girl

Hot Momma (don't ask me how far along I am because it's my second pregnancy and, frankly, I can't remember anymore--I think I'm due some time late summer??)

Brothers and the Tag-along (I can't remember what they're enamored about. Maybe grandpa is flying the kite).

Family Circus, er, I mean, Circle

Meredith went to a birthday party for a boy at our church turning two years old.
She didn’t understand why he got all the presents.

She loved every bite and lick of cupcake!

Okay, one cute Meredith-ism. I don’t mean to go on and on about my child but, I guess that’s my prerogative, right?

Last week it rained one morning so I sang her the song, “Rain, Rain Go Away!” I probably sang it three or four times throughout the day. Several days ago it rained again. She asked to go to the park and I told her, “No, because it’s raining.” She then burst out singing every single word of the song:

Rain, rain go away!
Come again some other day.
Little Meredith wants to play.
Rain, rain go away!

The “little Meredith” part is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard coming from her lips. She loves to sing and songs really make an impression on her. She remembers songs that she only hears a few times because she really, really loves them. In the next few years I have to find a choir for her to join because it seems to be her passion.


Susan in Elk Grove said...

May I recommend CDs by Jamie Soles? He is a musician living in Canada, and all of his music is bible-based and excellent (he and his family, ie wife and [I think] 9 kids, perform). We've met them and they are a wonderful, God-fearing family. I think Mer and her sis would love his stuff! Actually, you and Kevin would enjoy it, as well, IMHO. :)

Rose said...

I didn't realise before how much of a redhead Meredith is! Yet the copper tint is unmistakable in these pictures. I love the one of the two of you. Don't you just love having a little girl?? I'm so glad for you that you're going to have another one - girls are such fun!!!

Missi said...

I love the story of Meredith singing "rain, rain go away"! So precious. All the pictures were great, ya gotta love the sunshine!