Sunday, February 03, 2013

The life and times of an absent blogger ...

Christmas happened, didn't it? Or I think it did. Maybe it was one of those dreams I had when I was getting a two hour nap. Two hour stretches of sleep is about all I got this time around, for nearly two months, since Carson had so many feeding issues. Folks, I have a new definition of "tired" now. No, make that "frantic with exhaustion." "Tired" is not an adequate description. But I think things are on the up-and-up because there appears to be a dim light ahead in this tunnel that I have been driving in.

Well, anyway, assuming I didn't dream it all ... my dad made these awesome wooden toys for the kids for Christmas. I love how each toy he made is just perfect for each child. It suits their personality to a T.

Clara got a gumball machine. It has a few quirks to operate it but Clara, our extreme-sugar-loving child, had it all figured out in about four seconds flat. I am happy to say that she very generously shares gumballs with both of her sisters, whenever she gets one for herself. Although, she is reticent to give them the green ones because green is her favorite.

Sophia got a wooden rocking horse for her dolls. She loves her dollies! This is an exact replica of the larger wooden rocking horse my sisters and I spent many hours rocking on as children. I love it! My dad sized down the pattern himself. I was very impressed!
Meredith got a wooden treasure box. She is the Queen of Collecting Stuff and thinks every single item (especially ones that her mom wants to throw away) is just the most special treasure.
Carson got this awesome personalized car, with his name and birth date on it. I'm sure he will play with it at some point but, right now, it is looking snazzy sitting on his night stand.
We enjoyed Aunt Megan, Uncle Kc, and the boys' visit from Dallas. Grant and Carson both shared their "First Christmas" together, even though they are nearly a year apart. Grant's birthday is December 29 and Carson's is December 2. Here they are on their first Christmas!
We got a ton of snow the day after Christmas. It was so fun. This California girl will always love the snow. Kevin took the kids sledding several times. We thought it was going to be a blizzard so we packed up and spent the night in Kevin's parents' basement so we could get snowed-in with cousins. I can't believe how crazy we are, to do that with a newborn. But it was fun, despite the fact that we didn't get snowed-in after all.
We hosted New Year's Eve this year and had so much fun learning to play "FUNO" a crazy version of the "UNO" card game, which Kc taught us. We also played some games with just the little kids that they thought was fun. It was a very memorable NYE. Here we are watching the ball drop in NY at midnight.
My parents came from Southern California. We had such a relaxing time together and really enjoyed their visit. I'm so glad that they got to spend time with the kids.
My dad is a ham and the kids love horsing around with him.
So, these are the things I remember about the last few weeks, thanks to the fact that I documented them with a camera! Life is busy, and fun, and I'm exhausted. But I wouldn't trade any minute of it. (Okay, I would trade in the sleepless nights. But that's about it.) ;)

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