Sunday, February 03, 2013

Carson Michael

Poor little fourth child.  Discretionary time has been really limited lately so I haven't been able to carve out the time to update my blog as often as I would like.  But I have been cuddling with my sweet baby every day, as much as I can.  

Today is Sunday and I had every intention of going to church.  But we had a rough night (again) and it ended up not working out to go.  I won't lie.  I enjoyed having a quiet morning with just me and the baby.  He is in high demand around here, with his three sisters vying for his attention.  But today it was just me and my boy.  I played with him, got a few smiles out of him, and held him, with his cheeks pressed against mine, until he fell asleep in my arms.  

Someday, when I have lots of time to write, which I really do miss, I realize I will miss these days even more and I will never be able to have them back.  Carson is precious and we enjoy him so much. I am trying to slow down and savor the fleeting time with my baby.  

Three weeks:

Four weeks:

Five weeks:

This is the first family picture we got. Carson was six weeks old.  I said to Kevin, "Can you believe we haven't had a family picture until now?"  He said, "YES!"  Life was just really crazy with a newborn at Christmas and all his feeding issues that followed.  We are survivors!  It's not a great picture but ... we FINALLY got one!!

Six weeks:

Seven weeks:

I love him!
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Diary of an Autodidact said...

Great pictures! I know what you mean about having no time. Particularly the first few months with no sleep. Hang in there!

Megan said...

Ok. I got teary-eyed looking at these pictures. Carson is just precious and I'm still in love with the idea of you guys having a SON!! Your family is beautiful and I feel very blessed to be a part of it. Love you guys. Miss you ...

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