Sunday, February 03, 2013

Miss Congeniality Turns Three

Sophia, our little Miss Congeniality, turned three on January 21. On the eve of her birthday, I went to kiss her goodnight. She was already asleep in her bottom bunk. Suddenly I got really wistful. I realized how much I would miss my little two-year-old. Although I am pretty sure she will still be as cute as a three-year-old, as she has been this last year, Sophia is growing up so fast. I cannot imagine enjoying a toddler more than we have enjoyed Sophia. Kevin and I talk about how, "Joy" was the perfect middle name for her.

Sophia is a little fire cracker, full of energy, full of life, full of laughter. She loves to dish it back to us when we tease her. She says the funniest things. She thinks she is SO big. And she really is. Her ideas and her antics often seem far beyond her short years. Her teachers in a mom's group I attend always remark at what a good artist she is. (She should be since she likes to copy her sisters, who draw constantly!) I am so glad Sophia is part of our family. I could not imagine life without this little girl.

Here she is at her birthday party. She wanted "All the Princesses" on her cake. (Well, truth be told, she wanted to copy Clara's idea of an Ariel birthday. Clara was really upset since Sophia's birthday comes first and she didn't want Sophia to steal her idea. So we convinced Sophia that she could have "ALL" the princesses and she liked that idea. Ahh, the politics of having daughters!! It's all about diplomacy, I tell you.)

Granny gave Sophia three dollars in her birthday card and Sophia thought she was one rich lady! You crack us up, little girl.
Here are a few older pictures of Sophia I meant to post but, alas, time flies. She is adorable in every way. We love her. Sophia loves her baby dolls. She can often be found pushing her dolly in her doll stroller, a favorite pastime.

Sophia is my little sidekick and my helper.
Clara has become Sophia's best friend (and roommate), although Sophia enjoys many special times with Meredith as well.
Here she and Clara are helping me clean. I put them to work cleaning the woodwork on the stairs and they act like they enjoy it. Boy do I have them fooled!
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Woman with the Yellow Hat said...

Love the baby carrier! Had my mom make some (see my Feb 13 post) b/c I was so tired of constructing out of clothes pins and blankets!

Delighted re your note about meeting my sis!

Enjoyed talking to Ruth this week and chuckling w/ her re our boys after three girls!

:-) that Jordan has the train corduroy overalls too!

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