Monday, September 22, 2008

Outer Banks IV

Kevin made a sand turtle with Meredith. She was VERY upset to have to leave her turtle. She asked Kevin why they couldn’t just take it in the car with them. She was also very concerned that the “next children” who come will take good care of her turtle. When we left she put a pebble in the turtle's eye and said, "That is a tear because he will miss me and he is sad."

Clara was really tired this particular day and fell asleep on my shoulder as we were about to leave.

Kevin was such a “water baby” all week!!! He was constantly in the water. He loved to body surf and we also got a body board to use for the week.

On the way back to Indiana, we stopped in Burlington, NC and stayed the night. We found this carnival and the kids both enjoyed a few rides.

Shannon and Jeff drove up to see us and stayed at our hotel. It was fun to visit with them and see the happy newlyweds.

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