Thursday, September 04, 2008

In a Nutshell

Today I forgot to bring the stroller when I took the girls to the children’s museum. This meant I had to carry Clara from room to room. All 22 pounds of her. She still isn’t walking (although she takes 4-5 steps at a time and the record so far is 12 steps). At the last room before we left, I sat on a bench and felt totally wiped out. I was also hungry so I reached in the diaper bag and pulled out a sack of animal crackers.

There sat poor, tired Amy on a bench, kids and toys swirling around her, eating animal crackers. And actually enjoying the animal crackers.

I’m such a mom these days. How quickly that happened. You sign up for a baby and suddenly you find yourself with two kids at a children’s museum eating animal crackers. Watch out, it could happen to you!

I haven’t posted on my blog this week because I’ve spent nearly every “free” moment listening to this audio book while trying to work on Clara’s baby book. I figure since she’s well into her second year of life, it’s time to start it for her!! And the audio book is due at the library today. And I still have two CDs to go. But technically speaking I have until the library opens tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., so I am optimistic that I will get through it!

I really, really LOVE audio books. I listen while I do housework and go on walks with the girls. This way, I get in about two extra books a month. Plus, it really saves me from a lot of serious boredom!!

Last night I went to probably the loveliest bridal shower I’ve been to. Heather hosted and she always does things so beautifully. It was a literature themed shower and very fun. The food was supposed to appear from the Jane Austen era and I volunteered to bring the fruit bowl (pictured above). I love making food look pretty.
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Sarah Mehrens said...

Yeah... I'm with you on the walking thing and the heavy baby thing. I don't know what Lauren weighs now, she was just under 20lb at the end of July, but I'm guessing she's over that mark by now. She's not walking, though she will cruise up and down the couch. Thus I have to carry her everywhere, unless I have the stroller. Today I was leaving WalMart with two shopping bags and a huge bottle of oil (equal to 5 qts for the car) and Lauren. I was dumb and thought I could carry it all and her AND stop quick into the store next door. My arms were KILLING me within 3 minutes. :-p

Sarah Mehrens said...

PS - Love the fruit bowl. It's gorgeous. What a great idea for a bridal shower. Loved the pics thanks for linking to her blog.

Jen S said...

I could relate to the Animal Crackers aspect of motherhood. There are "perks." ;)