Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Clara Beara"

“Clara Beara,” which is what Meredith likes to call her, is 10 months old and growing by leaps and bounds. She’s crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. She’s also starting to talk. When we say, “Hi, Clara,” she sometimes replies, “HI!” and waves her hand. She’s been saying, “momma” for a while. And she also loves to repeat words, like “doll,” “bear,” and “ish,” for fish.


Stephen, Sarah, Nora and Joseph said...

Poor Clara's post is getting neglected with all the excitement over Miss Meredith's new 'do (which, btw, is adorable, even if unplanned). :)Clara is so cute, and good for her with starting to talk! You have very verbal kiddos. I look forward to when J says "momma" or anything remotely close...

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