Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Happenings I

Apparently my blog can't keep up with my life!

Here's what we've been up to this spring ... 

We shop ... too much for Sophia, apparently, who is always along for the ride. 

Clara spends inordinate amounts of time looking around the house for creepy-crawlies. All of the kids would rather be playing outside than doing anything else, in fact, and all of them love bugs, unlike their mother.  Here she proudly displays a night crawler she found after moving the sandbox.

Poor Sophia, I really do drag this third-born around town a lot. 

But the younger two kids are such good shoppers, and drivers of shopping cart cars.

We have been horsing around the house.  Dad is a favorite playmate always. I don't think his back could handle it if we ever had another kid. (It must be a sign.)

Sophia has made some really sweet little playmates at her ballet class.  It's the highlight of her week.

After a really harsh winter, we have once again begun enjoying the great outdoors!

This is the cutest little animal I've seen in the woods in a long time:

And Sophia has continued her Miss Independent streak.  Several weeks ago she learned how to ride her bike (at barely four years old!!) all by herself, with no training wheels.  In the same week, she also read her first grouping of sentences.  I'm afraid that in another few weeks she will be ready to move out of the house and get her own job or something.  Crazy!


Diary of an Autodidact said...

My second daughter taught herself to ride her bike without the training wheels too. She takes pride in the fact that she can beat any boy her age in a race - particularly uphill. On a related note, she rarely has skin on her knees...

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