Friday, October 12, 2012

Pittsburgh, Parties, and Puking

Yes, unfortunately, I have to put all three of those words in the title of this post.  I wish it could just be Pittsburgh and Parties but Puking was part of the trip as well.  

First of all, we drove to Pittsburgh in a caravan with a bunch of Kevin's family members to attend a surprise 30th birthday party for Kevin's sister Shannon.  The surprise went off amazingly.  Shannon's husband Jeff arranged for her to discover various people in various aisles as they shopped at Target.  She was completely unsuspecting and we enjoyed hearing her shrieks and screams of joy as she discovered different family members in different aisles.  Lastly, Megan and her two boys were discovered.  They had flown into town from Texas and Shannon was completely surprised.  It was super creative and really awesome.  Then we headed to their house for a fun bonfire and some family time.  The next day we toured Pittsburgh, had a family dinner, and went swimming at the hotel.  We were planning to go to church on Sunday and then have lunch with everyone before heading home.  But ... 

At 3:30 a.m. I woke to a rushing, hurried sound.  Then I caught a glimpse of Kevin carrying Sophia to the bathroom where she proceeded to empty the contents of her stomach.  There was a family member who had  been sick with the flu the week before, so we figured this was probably the flu and not just an isolated incident.  We sat and thought about our options for a few minutes and then decided we had better high tail it out of there.  We still had a seven hour drive ahead of us.  I didn't have enough changes of clothes for everyone to stay ahead of the mess.  Not to mention, there were no extra plastic bags to put dirty laundry in.  Thankfully there is that dry cleaning bag in hotel closets!  

I looked at my three children--two of them sleeping peacefully and Sophia, who was crawling around everywhere, panting like a dog, and saying, "I a puppy!"--and thought to myself, "They are a time bomb waiting to go off.  Let's go!" 

Kevin and I started feeling phantom upset stomachs.  Was it just our imaginations or worse?  I think one of the worst things about knowing you have been exposed to the flu is waiting for it to happen.  Ugh.

Let's also just say that ... this was the first time I had ever been tempted to steal a hotel towel before.  Seriously!  It was SO tempting.  Sophia's blanket we had brought from home had already been soiled.  What else could be used to cover her in her car seat?  

You will be glad to know that I kept The Eighth Commandment and resisted the urge.  

Thankfully we made it home in record time without further incident. And only I came down with the stomach bug a day later. It's not something that is fun, ever, but especially when you are pregnant.  Ugh.  But, here I am, alive to tell about it.  So that's good. 

Here are a few Pithy Pictures (love the "P" theme of this post) that I snapped on my phone.  I wish I could have gotten more family shots, especially of all the cousins together.  But, alas, we made a hasty departure and it simply wasn't meant to be. 

Meredith on the strip.  She was amused by this bear:

Clara loved walking around town with her cousin Samantha who was very affectionate and compliant (the opposite of Sophia!):

What a great view and what a beautiful city!  I love all the bridges.
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