Friday, October 12, 2012

Can it be? An athlete in our family?

This year something surprising happened.  Clara turned into a soccer star!  Last year she was content to watch the corn growing in fields and never seemed to be concerned with which way the ball should be going. This year Clara put her mind, body and soul into the game and turned into this amazing athlete overnight.  It was seriously fun to watch her games this year.  She made many goals and was super aggressive in going after the ball and playing defense.  I was the crazy lady sitting on the sidelines yelling, "Go Clara Go!!"

Kevin was an assistant coach this year and I know Clara loved having her daddy there to help out.  He actually ended up running a lot of practices and some games because the head coach traveled a lot. He was really good with the kids, despite the fact that some of them drove him crazy because they never listened!! (Let's face it--kids aged 4-5 are just really tough to herd and get on the same page.  He wins the Patience Award.)

Eden was Clara's team mate and maybe that's one of the reasons she loved soccer so much!

Playing defense:

That's my girl!  Whoo hoo!!! Go Clara!
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