Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clara's ER Visit

We had some excitement around here on Friday afternoon. While I was upstairs folding laundry, Meredith and Clara started screaming in the living room. I met Meredith halfway down the stairs and she said Clara hit her head on the coffee table. (Later I found out she had been doing gymnastics on the couch which, of course, is against the rules.)

Folks, there was a lot of blood. She must have hit an artery. Then, Sophia who was still upstairs started screaming too because she was confused and scared. I looked at the gash in her head, which was right between her eyebrows and it was deep. We got something to stop the blood, I picked up Clara and put her in the car. Meredith gathered everyone's shoes. And we were off for a very, very long 15-minute car ride to the ER.

I was trying to pray with the kids but I was having to shout my prayer in order to be heard. I think this is the first time I have literally screamed out a prayer!

On the way to the hospital, in between screams, Clara asked, "Am I going to DIE?!" When I told her, "You will be okay," she asked, "Will other kids laugh at me?"

Clara received excellent care. Kevin arrived about 10 minutes after we did. Kevin's mom and aunt arrived around that same time too. (Ironically, they were at another hospital down the street while Kevin's grandma was having a pacemaker put in! It was a VERY exciting day! Although, not the kind of excitement we prefer, for sure.)

We made sure to ask for a plastic surgeon to stitch her up. It is her face, after all. The gash was about the size of a nickel and it exposed her bone. It was bad. But, like I said, she got really good care.

While coming out of anesthesia, she waxed hysterical. We laughed over all the funny things she said. Her dad helped her in a wheelchair and she was enthralled with it all. While helping her back into bed, she was very loopy and kept saying, "Dad. I can haaaaannnndle it. I can haaaaaannnnndle it." Silly girl.

We are very grateful that God protected us. I know this visit to the ER, though traumatic for us at the moment, is nothing compared to other accidents. It could have been a lot worse. We are thankful.


Clara had some family and friends send her goodies to help sweeten the deal. She felt very loved. She was outside running around the following day!


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Catherine said...

I'm so glad it worked out OK! And you had a lot of presence of mind to ask for the plastic surgeon - good thinking!

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness, that would be absolutely terrifying! I'm so glad to hear that she's ok and running around again. (Yes indeed. Good presence of mind to ask for a plastic surgeon! I wouldn't have thought of that!)

Diary of an Autodidact said...

For some reason, I am completely unsurprised that it was the second born that did it. (When my second girl learns to drive, I will need a prescription for something powerful.)

Far too funny that the second though was the laughter of other kids. Was she worried they would laugh, or was she hoping they would?

Allison said...

Bless her heart, I'm so glad she is okay! God bless