Friday, May 06, 2011

Growing and Changing

There has been a lot of growing and changing around here lately.

I nearly cried when I discovered Meredith's first loose tooth in January and I had similar emotions when I watched her ride her bike with no training wheels for the first time last week. You know that these days are coming but they come when you least expect it. They are milestones that remind me that my time with my children is short. It is only a season.

There is a children's book out there that talks about how you will never know when the "lasts" will be. When will be the last time your child asks you to play This Little Piggy on her toes? When will be the last time she lets you rock her goodnight? Or when will be the last time she rides her bike with training wheels? You never know until it is past.


Clara is getting close to reading and loves school. She begs me to do Explode the Code workbooks. Meredith taught her all the letters and sounds. She is really interested in reading. I suppose I should teach her sometime soon! She sure is growing up fast!


This first picture is classic Sophia. It was taken on our road trip and we had just told her "no." Whenever we tell her no, she often juts out her bottom lip and gives us the most pathetic looking pouty face in the history of the world. She is SO funny. She is growing and changing so fast right now.

Here are some more pictures of playful Sophia. She put this blanket on her head herself, and then started laughing. I guess you do get kind of bored on long car trips.


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