Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Feel Young Again ...

Lately we have decided we need more fun and excitement in our lives. This combination of raising small kids and working long hours is tough! So we've been trying some new things to spice it up a little.

First, I've started a "Random Date with Amy" night that Kevin has to attend, not knowing what he is getting into. How else would I be able to drag him to things like Roller Derby? We sat on the floor of the rink, in the "suicide" area, and had a total blast.

Then we had another date night, Kevin's pick. Even though I grew up in a coastal town, I had never had sushi. I'm not a huge seafood fan, so I had never sought it out. Kevin loves it and finally got me to try it, convincing me that it's not just "food" it's an "experience." And ... I actually really liked it. A lot. It had excellent flavor and texture. I will definitely try it again.


And here is a new coffee shop we found, where you can sit in the cellar and drink your brew. Their leather couch is SO comfortable!


Hooray for nights out!

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Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the coffee shop too! Aunt B

Rachelle said...

Mike would love to make you some sushi if we can get you out for a visit. :)