Monday, February 15, 2010

Fat Cheeks

Sophie's cheeks are getting fat (both sets). ;-) When I'm holding her on my shoulder I love to rest my chin against her soft, plump cheek (the facial set). She still has that sweet-smelling newborn skin, too.

Sophie is already starting to get a very light blue ring around her pupils, so we predict another blue-eyed Koons girl! She's very alert when she's awake and she is constantly craning her neck to see stuff. At her three week doctor appointment last Thursday, she weighed 9 lbs., 1 oz. and everything appears very healthy. We feel very blessed.

Here are some pics I took today of my baby girl:




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the Joneses said...

Her head looks VERY kissable. What (another) beautiful daughter you've got.

-- SJ

Megan said...

I'm SO glad you posted pictures of Sophie. My plan today was to put out a plea from her fan club and you heard my plea before it was even uttered!! Thank you ever so much. Can't wait until I can kiss her little fat cheeks. :)