Monday, January 18, 2010

Waiting Game

So, I went to my ob/gyn on Friday morning and found out I’m at 5 c.m. At that point I still had not felt a single contraction. At this point, nearly 72 hours later, I still haven’t really had any significant contractions.

This is a new revelation for me. I never knew a woman (e.g., me) could hover at 5 c.m. without being in labor.

So, the waiting game continues. I’m tired of thinking about it. My due date is still 12 days away. I almost wish I hadn’t been checked on Friday so I could just live my life and let come what may.

Kevin and others are still worried about me delivering on the kitchen floor at home. At this point, I don’t care.

Today’s goal: Preschool, Tackle Laundry, and Menu Plan.


Anonymous said...

I know the waiting is hard. Praying for you and your new little one..for a safe, quick delivery (well not TOO quick :-) and a healthy baby. Can't wait to meet her!! Love you, Aunt Kathy

Monica said...

Just think of it this way- you're half way there. Hope you are able to get some things done that you want while waiting. You should call Rebekah S. She knows your pain. She did this and they admitted her to the hospital and wouldn't let her leave. She had to hang out there for a week. That's no fun.

Anonymous said...

But Amy, think of the mess on your kitchen floor. You wouldn't really want to clean it all up! It will be interesting to see if this baby's personality is a "speed generally but slow at the very end". You will be not pregnant soon, I promise! (-:
Ginny E

Micah said...

I delivered on the kitchen floor at home and we're both still alive and well ;). Best wishes, Amy! We'll be thinking about you and praying for you!!