Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kids' Author Kick

These days we are really enjoying Shirley Neitzel’s children’s books! We love the endings. They are funny and unexpected. We tend to find a book we like and then get all the books by the same author. We are currently reading Sam McBratney, Anne Rockwell, Shirley Neitzel, all the Curious George Books, and all the Paddington Bear Books.

Probably Meredith’s most-requested book right now is Curious George Goes to the Beach. She’ll spend hours playing pretend “beach” by herself. She spreads out a blanket (for a beach towel), piling her toys on top of it, and then pulls out the ottoman for a pretend “raft.” Whenever she leaves the room where her “beach” is she points to her messy pile and sternly warns us: “Do NOT mess up my beach!!!

Anyway, we recommend these four by Neitzel.

The Dress I’ll Wear to the Party
We’re Making Breakfast for Mother
The Bag I’m Taking to Grandma’s
I’m Not Feeling Well Today

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Catherine said...

We do that with kids authors too. We haven't read the ones you mentioned though, we'll have to add those to our list! Thanks for the review, and the funny story about the beach!