Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Meandering at the Zoo

One of the best things about getting a zoo pass is that you “have to” go so you get your money’s worth!  And you don’t have to see everything in one day, of course, because you’ll be back soon.

Yesterday we went to the zoo.  We had been studying really, really hard and I felt the kids deserved something fun in their life as a reward for all their hard work.  (I'm a Work Hard, Play Hard kind of person.)  We were out running an errand and decided at the last minute to go go the zoo.  

I let the kids each pick one thing to see.  We meandered lazily, spending a long time watching the flamingos stomp in the mud with their webbed feet and use their beaks to filter food they found in the mud.  It was actually very interesting to spend a chunk of time observing the flamingo.  This is the type of thing that never happens when you're in a hurry to "see it all."  

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