Saturday, July 26, 2014

Clara's Party

Clara is seven!  She is one of the most fun-loving and unique people I have ever know.  She is always ready with a quick retort that makes me laugh out loud.  I love her perspective on life.  It's impossible to categorize this girl. She is a tomboy who loves bugs and critters, but she also loves wearing the fanciest dresses at all times, for any occasion, even if we are just going to play at the park.  She has so much raw talent for leadership, yet she is the most nurturing, caring big sister to her little brother.  I love running errands with Clara in the backseat, telling me random things.  She is lots of fun.    

Clara wanted a pool party with only three very specific friends.  I decided to create a treasure hunt, for some extra fun and entertainment for the kids.  

The pool-themed cake: 

I had a great time browsing Party City to get stuff for the buried treasure.  

Here the kids are about halfway through the treasure hunt.  There were 17 clues and it took the kids about an hour to complete.  In the background, the girls are reading a clue and thinking about where the next clue could be found.  The kids running toward the camera probably think they already know!

The last clue led the kids to a buried treasure.  I walked about 1/4 mile from our house to a spot the kids were familiar with (we call it the "maze") off the trail from our house, and dug a hole in the ground to bury the treasure.  The kids were told to bring a measuring tape and shovels to unearth it. 

Found it! 

Trying to open the chest to explore the booty!

Walking home after the hunt ... 

A pile of clues ... 

We had the whole pool to ourselves!

The After Party, with the sisters:

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Let this one comment suffice for all your recent posts:

I love the kid pictures! All this looks like a real blast. Obviously, you guys are serious "party" animals ;)