Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tree Farm Bliss

Yes, I understand that it's twice the price as a Costco tree.  Although I try to be frugal in general, when it comes to Christmas trees, I'm not very pragmatic.   Kevin indulges this part of me.  (He's such a nice guy, I know!)  I just think that there are only so many years we will have with our kids, and going to a tree farm is a festive, joyful experience.  Going to Costco is something we do almost every week. There is nothing special or significant about going to Costco. 

Plus, the tree farm is fun!  And it smells like heaven!  Yes, I think that maybe heaven will smell like freshly cut pine trees, bonfires, and hot chocolate.  It's bliss, I tell you. 

We were at the tree farm for about three hours.  I think I smiled a really big smile the whole time I was there.  That extra money spent was worth it because it filled up my happiness bank.  Maybe sometimes you can buy happiness.  

Thanks for taking me, Kev!  We always joke that I'm your biggest kid and it's probably true ... 


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Jen said...

The pictures are MUCH better than if you went to Costco! Love this! I have never done it but would love to do it someday!