Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fall at the Art Museum

The only problem with autumn is that it's over too quickly. Here in the eastern half of the United States, weeks are spent anticipating when the peak of color will happen. Then a week later, it's past. The trees are now bare, but I'm so glad for the beauty of fall and the times we took to take those drives and those walks, to enjoy all the splendid color. I'm a romantic at heart and I'm a sucker for fall in Indiana.

We often visit the grounds of the art museum in the spring to see the daffodils and tulips and flowering trees. This year we went when the trees were changing color, just before the peak of the fall season, and I'm so glad we did. Tuesday afternoon is always marked off on the calendar as "play time" with my kids. Some days we stay home and do something they enjoy, but usually we go someplace fun. I love that the Indianapolis Art Museum has such beautiful grounds, but admission is also free. After exploring the grounds, we looked at some art galleries (and I told the kids all five things I know about art, wishing their dad was with us, because he knows so much more than I do), and then the kids played indoors at the "Star Gallery" which is a hands on exibit for kids. What a fun day!

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