Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Halfway around the sun ...

Our little sport is six months old.  Six months is the golden age of babyhood, isn't it?  They just sit there, or lay there, and coo and smile back at you.  They don't move around and destroy stuff and they are usually sleeping through the night.  Pure, chubby, smiley cuteness in a diaper!  We sure do enjoy baby Carson a lot.  He is a very easy going baby so far.  He has to be, with three big sisters handling him all day, right?  And, since he is #4, we don't have the luxury of planning our whole day around naps.  So he is an expert power-napper, getting what he can take in his stroller and car seat most days.    

Carson is a very social baby.  He totally eats up all the attention he gets all day.  He "talks"/babbles a lot and he is very LOUD.  He is very content to play with his toys and hasn't really tried to move around and explore.  He loves his oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, and mashed bananas.  How I love to dress him up!  (Who says little boy clothes aren't as fun as girls' clothes?)  We are enamored with him and so glad he is part of this family!  We love you baby Carson!!
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Diary of an Autodidact said...

Too cute! I agree with you about 4th kids. (And 5th kids for that matter...)