Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring at Conner Prairie

I have never known a kid who loves baby animals so much as Sophia. In fact, she reminds us all the time, "I love baby animals." So, getting to hold these 4-day old goats at Conner Prairie was, in her mind, probably the best day of her life.
Spring is a fun time to visit Conner Prairie, a local living history place. They had a "scavenger egg hunt" for the kids where the kids had to find eggs at different houses and other places throughout the village and then write down the location. At the end of the day they turned in their papers for a prize at the general store. It was much more fun than those crowded public park egg hunts where you wait in line for an hour and then all the big kids railroad the little kids to get the eggs first. Can you tell I have experience in this? :)
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