Monday, December 24, 2012

Brave Clara

Right now Clara is my hero.  She has had a rough time lately, after a scar revision surgery, but she has handled everything in stride and has been so brave.  It was an early morning surgery and Kevin took her to the hospital in the wee hours.  She didn't flinch or act scared as she faced this trial.  In fact, she thought it was an adventure because the nurse let her drive an automatic Barbie car back to the operating room.   

She has had a lot of swelling and bruising on her face (it got a lot worse than what shows in the picture below), which we were told to expect.  But she hasn't been self-conscious or worried.  On the second morning after surgery, her eyes were completely swollen shut and Kevin had to carry her in to her doctor's office for a follow-up appointment because she couldn't see to walk.  Her eyes were only slightly improved after the appointment but she still insisted she wanted to go with her dad to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

Clara, your positive outlook and love of life, despite setbacks, will serve you well in life.  You are one tough little girl.  I am so proud of you!

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Heather L. said...

Poor Clara! I'm so glad she is taking it in stride but I'm sorry the recovery is looking a lot worse than you imagined.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!