Sunday, July 29, 2012

Letting-Our-Hair-Down Birthday

Clara was counting down the days, starting about a year ago, until she could have her first friends party. And we sure did have a lot of fun planning this party.

Apparently there are a lot of little girls out there who love Rapunzel and the movie Tangled, so there are a ton of ideas floating around the internet.

It's hard for me to believe that my sweet, second-born daughter is already five! Clara is perky, larger-than-life, enthusiastic about having fun times, compassionate and nurturing, and gives the best hugs. Clara, you are a special girl and your momma loves you!!

Here are the invitations we made. Simple and super cute.

This doughnut tower was a combination of several ideas I saw online. It was so easy. And we felt like we were playing "cake boss" when Kevin went to Lowe's to get a PVC pipe and some "feet" or whatever you call them to put together a structure to hold the doughnuts. I made the rice krispie treat portion of the tower (holding Rapunzel) by pushing the cereal concoction into my French press. :) Whahla! Easiest cake ever and it didn't even require me to turn the oven on. Plus, let's be honest, doughnuts taste waaaaayyy better.
On the morning of the party, I sent Kevin to get doughnuts from our favorite local bakery. The problem was that they were too fresh and airy (which makes them so wonderful) and didn't support all the weight. So I saw my tower slowly decompressing and sinking. I quickly called Kevin, who was running another errand, and asked him to go to the grocery store and buy the grossest, most stale, packaged cake doughnuts he could find. They worked wonderfully! Needless to say, we ate the GOOD doughnuts and left the other as a mere decoration.
Here is Clara Bear with her dearest friend in the world, Eden Swan. These two, together, are hysterical. If you ever want to have interesting and funny conversations, you need to get these two together.


Diary of an Autodidact said...

The cake is awesome! My eldest is also a Rapunzel fan - with the hair to (almost) match.

Diary of an Autodidact said...

The stale doughnuts reminded me of a short story by Margery Bianco (The Velveteen Rabbit) entitled "The Baker's Daughter." I don't think it is in print anymore, but can easily be found used in Volume 6 of The Young Folks Shelf of Books. (If you lived closer, I would lend you my copy.) I'll bet your girls would like it.